Monday, October 8, 2012

Swatching Supreme Matte Lipsticks and Meeting Mon Shu (soon!)

I was at Rockwell yesterday and I visited the Shu store. As usual, I love the very friendly atmosphere and the white lights that never lie so you know how the color of makeup actually looks on you and how concealer performs to cover blemishes even in harsh light.

If you know me full well, I'm a lipstick and brow girl, and the queen of quick makeup looks for everyday. I like bold lipsticks if I'm running late most especially so usually I see in my photos pictures of me with hardly any makeup but with mattified face, fuller brows, and red (or pink or any bright color) lipstick.

A few years ago, I had a photoshoot with Josa Quintas where in one peg, she had to put on red lipstick. She brought out her super favorite matte red lipstick from, of course, Shu Uemura and the shade was RD 165. It looked really awesome on her so I bought one at the Rockwell branch when I got the chance. It looked really pretty, pigmented, without the drag super dry mattes give. If I really like a lipstick, I go buy backups when it's about to run out. I was surprised to know though, that when I went to the counter and asked if they still had it, they mentioned to me that it's a shade that would be phased out soon but not to worry as Shu Uemura will be coming up with newer formulations in their products and more reds.

At present time, Shu Uemura has launched their Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte lipsticks. Matte lipsticks are awesomeness in a tube. They stay put more than most creamy and glossy formulations. For those doing beauty editorials, they do not reflect light while staying true to color. For those with full lips like Angelina Jolie, this is a great way to wear brights like red, hot pink, or coral without the lips overpowering the rest of the face. I tried to check out for myself what shades they had. Obviously, I went for the brights.

Their bestseller, according to the counter was M PK 376, a bright hot pink with a cool undertone.

 It's bold, attention grabbing, pretty, and here's another bonus: lippies with cool bluish undertones can make the teeth look whiter. No painful bleaching procedures necessary!

Lo and behold, I found out that my favorite Shu red, RD 165 is back, in supreme matte formula but it's got that same vamp vixen classic red power we all love.

Aside from the bright and bold statement lip colors I showed here, there are also beiges, browns, neutrals, and softer pinks in the Supreme Matte line, for those who want something more conservative. I didn't find this type of matte too dry, and it didn't drag when I swatched it. When I wiped the lip color off the back of my hand, there is some sort of "stain" still left.

The price is Php 1195, and it's the same price as all the other lipsticks.

Oh, it's two weeks to go before this much-awaited launch as Shu Uemura introduces its newest muse:

Her name is Mon Shu and she's excited to meet you too! Oh, and let's all be excited at these new goodies coming to Manila for a very limited time!

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