Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Creations By Lourd Ramos Opens in Soho Central Podium

Lourd Ramos is one makeup artist who has made his mark in the industry not just by being one of the top and in-demand makeup artists but also a color expert. Where some makeup artists cower at the thought of touching or fixing  hair (myself included), he touches and fixes hair like he knew how to from the day he was born.

Lourd is an expert in hair as well, in coloring, styling, and making it look fabulous. Taking his expertise in a whole new level, Lourd Ramos opens a new branch of his chain of salons, Creations, in Soho Central Podium, a mall that's located at Greenfield district a stone throw away from Ortigas business district.

I was invited to the launch of this newly-opened salon. The interiors of this place is a combination of bright colors purple, red, and white with clean lines and minimalistic zen feel. Isn't it a great place to just chill, relax, and have your hair done after a long day's work?

That great wall of hair products to tame the tresses. *drool*

I got to try also their vegetarian hair treatment, which is a rich treatment for fried tresses that has been parched, fried, or dried from processing or weather.

Yes, just a little can already tame and care for my super long, thick, and deep-fried hair.

The treatment was massaged into my hair and scalp and left for 15 minutes before rinsing it off and then my hair was blow-dried into soft curls.

The Creations staff were very professional and answered all the questions I asked completely. They really focused on working and made sure my tresses were taken care of. And, I was happy to know that no animals were harmed in the creation of this product. I like staff that are friendly and professional. They even gave suggestions on how I can style my hair at home given my very low-maintenance lifestyle.

Thank you Creations for my very shala Victoria's Secret-like curls, which made me human for an entire day.

With my blogger friend Kira Ramirez.

My tresses thank Creations for that awesome morning. And I'm glad too for knowing that no animals have been harmed with my vegetarian hair treatment. :) Oh, and it only takes 15 minutes. :) 

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