Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Elizabeth Arden Introduces Green Tea Cherry Blossom

Last Thursday, I was invited to spend a very Zen afternoon at Neo Day Spa at Bonifacio Global City by the wonderful girls of Elizabeth Arden Philippines to witness the unveil of a new fragrance to their Green Tea Fragrance family. Thankfully, the weather decided to cooperate and it was a sunny, sunny Thursday full of joy. Looks like the elements are happy too.

Green Tea Fragrance was introduced to me more than ten years ago. I love the light, fresh fragrance it has.With our hot and humid country, this is the fragrance I highly recommend for anyone, both for ordinary days and special occasions because it's not too overpowering and it has that fresh, energetic scent that gets the blood pumping. Remember when fragrances get a bit too strong when the body warms up? For some reason, this fragrance doesn't overwhelm my senses even after a pole workout. Yep! I use this when I pole. So really, I'm excited about what this new fragrance is.

When I got to Neo Day Spa, I was first introduced to a bit of history on the Green Tea fragrances, first starting with the classic green tea fragrance up to the introduction of several other variants - Lotus Flower, Camellia, and Lavender. These scents have that same energetic burst of green tea.

Finally, in a room decorated in pink and white paper lanterns and cherry blossoms, we were whisked to a whimsical land in Japan reminiscent of watercolor paintings. The decorations were just apt for the introduction of the newest scent: Green Tea Cherry Blossom, a light, citrusty-floral scent that comes in a pretty cherry blossom pink bottle.

"Ethereal, fresh and feminine, this new exquisite citrus floral fragrance brings together the sparkling femininity of delicate pink petals and the lush freshness of green tea leaves to create a truly unique and beautiful fragrance experience. The scent opens with sparkling and luminous accords of lemon and bergamot. Its refreshing drops are combined with green tea vapor to announce delicate cherry blossom mixed with fine notes of green tea leaves. A base incorporates woody notes of birch tree intertwining with angelica and moss."

We were given vials to try the fragrance on our pulse points. The first whiff of the scent is citrusy and fruity, just like the top notes of the other green tea fragrances. The uplifting topnote is why I personally like to use Green Tea when I'm having a very busy day ahead and I need all the energy I need (and probably why I use this also when I work out). Afterwards, it fades and enters the middle and bottom notes which are floral and feminine, yet still light and fresh without overpowering the senses. The floral notes do remind us all of girly things and flowy fabrics, but it still has got that light, citrusy scent that I like.

We were served tea-infused sandwiches and iced tea.

I wasn't able to eat the other sandwiches as it contained pork and ham, as I'm converting on becoming pesco-vegetarian  but I feasted on the roasted vegetable variants. The iced tea was super yummy I think I had two servings of that!

Aside from the Green Tea Cherry Blossom, we were also introduced  to another pretty makeup collection from Elizabeth Arden, which, with their pretty rose packaging matches the Cherry Blossom's pink bottle and feminine fragrance. This collection, Rose Aurora, is available at Elizabeth Arden makeup counters and is available in easy-to-use universal shades to flatter the skin tone.

The lipstick is in a pretty neutral pink-brown shade that feels cushy on the lips, and the highlighter can be a sheer, shimmery blush. More on these later. :)

We were treated to a massage by the awesome staff of Neo Day Spa and served sweet macarons later.

Hi loves!

Thank you so much, Elizabeth Arden for the gift!

With the wonderful girls of Elizabeth Arden and all the beauty bloggers. I can be a boy in black in a sea of pastels and heels. :P

Green Tea Cherry Blossom is available in leading department stores and is exclusively distributed by Rustan's Marketing Corp. The 50 mL eu de Toilette Spray costs Php 2,250 and the 100 mL spray is Php 2,950.

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