Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vanilla Breeze Clothing Love

Anyone heard of Vanilla Breeze Clothing? If you haven't then let me introduce to you to the brand as simple as possible.  Vanilla Breeze Clothing is a brand that sells high waist cute customized shorts. They have styles to suit every girl's personality, style, and personal taste.

A personal favorite is this: Leopard. Why? because I love animal prints and leopards are kitties!

Girls who like lace and frilly things could check this out.

Want color? Then you have three options:

Shorts need not be blue denim, you know! A bold red could be an awesome statement.

High waist shorts can make legs look longer and a long torso appear shorter (and tummies trimmer with the illusion of a waist) so it may act as an instant slimming and lengthening device. They can be paired with plain shirts or tanks as they're already a statement on their own. Heels/flats/sneakers and you're good to go. I'm a fan of shorts because they're super comfy, super versatile, and perfect for our schizo weather, rain or shine.

Showing my love for them, I wore them both to work and play:

Shorts: Vanilla Breeze Splash
Top: Bazaar-bought because it's loose and Hello Kitty
Footwear: Fit Flops
A break from work, using the soccer goal as a pole. 

At play, camwhoring after pole lunch class:

Doing a Scorpio

Yogini variation
Just in case, I folded the shorts so they're a bit shorter so there's more grip to hold myself up and upside down. On a personal preference, the shorts can be folded too. I prefer mine that way as well. I also like that the denim is soft and comfy.

Vanilla Breeze Clothing is available online at their Facebook page. The prices for their shorts range from Php900-950, depending on the style. They ship worldwide and have different payment options to cater to their customers' various needs. And don't worry, they're up for more designs and styles soon!

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