Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Magic in A Bottle

Avon's EDT Eternal Magic Enchanted not only makes you smell pretty but it looks also pretty in your vanity - pink bottle, crystal cap and all.

Even the box is super pretty with pink sparkles. I didn't want to throw the box away. The crystal cap is pretty interesting. You pull it off like a grenade pin before spritzing the scent, which is a soft, musky rose scent that fades into a warm, sweet vanilla-ish scent as the day wears off. Again, as this scent is supposed to be on the musky floral side, the scent is fairly light on the skin, another perfect thing for our perpetually hot and humid country (it may be rainy season, but I still have my bias towards light scents).

This bottle of EDT retails for Php 599. The bottle is tiny enough to fit in a standard shoulder bag for midday touch ups or the office drawer too, so with the affordable price, you can buy two and keep one in your dresser and one in your office drawer or bag.

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