Monday, July 30, 2012

Introducing Glambox Pro 5000 Series

I've been a Glambox Airbrush Cosmetics user for over a year, ever since I purchased it last October 2012. It has been with me in many weddings and shoots. I love how easy is it to use, even for personal use and also how handy it is to take it with me. The easy-to-use foundations are also a plus for me, and I also like the fact that they're yellow-toned to fit most Asian skintones.

The deluxe pro 5000 kit

As we all like to level-up, Glambox introduces a new model - the Glambox Pro 500 Series, for makeup artists or makeup enthusiasts who want to level up in their makeup skill.

With higher PSI (up to 40 PSI) and bigger gun cup capacity (7 cc), this is the device to use if you're into bodypainting or airbrush body makeup, especially for glamour photoshoots.

The cup also has a lid to prevent spilling so each bodily curve is covered with ease of maneuvering.

Although it may be bigger, the Glambox Pro 5000 Series still is compact only weighs 2.7 kg and has a handle for easy transport. It may be a bigger model but for makeup artists, this is better than lugging something really big, bulky, and heavy.  It also has a low noise emission so this won't be much of a trouble if your client has a baby catching up on sleep.

Another thing is to love about is its affordability. Whereas most airbrush apparatus costs around Php 40,000 or more, the Premium Pro set below comes with sixteen bottles of all foundation and cheek colors, 2 luminizers, and 2 adjusters plus 3 bottles of cleaners. It also has a bag and a tutorial CD.

 Total cost of that: Php 27,500

Other kits are available too. The one pictured above, called the Deluxe Pro 5000 kit (Php 22,800) comes with 4 bottles of foundation, 2 cheek colors, 1 luminizer, and 3 bottles of cleaner. This can be for a makeup artist starting up. For those who already have the first Glambox Airbrush kit model, a  complete set of colors but want an upgrade, the Starter kit may be the choice for you, with 1 foundation, 1 cheek color, and 1 thinner for Php19,500. Hmmm... wish list updated!

More details may be found at their website at or at their Facebook page where tutorials may also be found on how to do complete and pretty makeup looks. You may order online as well.

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