Saturday, October 1, 2016

Bambikitty Moving Makeover: Cita

I mentioned in my update a new feature in my blog, which I called Bambikitty Moving Makeovers featuring makeovers that I have done on some of my friends. I chose ladies who are inspiring on their own and as they have given me positive energy and motivation, I hope they do to you too and spread wonderful vibes. I call it moving makeover because I'm  like a mobile salon! :)

I start first with one of the ladies who got me doing this feature in the first place.

Cita is like a living Barbie doll. She's got the perfect hourglass figure, long legs, and long, flowy hair. This Barbie doll, however, is no limp noodle because she's super strong and athletic. She does pole, goes to the gym religiously, runs, and does Crossfit. She also takes wonderful care of her three children. Yes ladies, this sexy, strong lady with amazing muscle tone and rock-hard abs is actually a mom of three.

Doing a handspring in their pole dance recital last year

I decided to give her the favorite celebrity look during events and noontime variety shows: The smokey brown eye and used a nude brown lipstick to match because browns are super back right now and I'm quite obsessed with them myself. This makeover was done after her pole dance class, you guys. Cita sure does have a lot of energy.

Without makeup, Cita has excellent bone structure. Her skin is gorgeous and when I asked about her skincare, it's super low-maintenance. That's what I love so much about these fit girls - despite a super low-maintenance and simple skin care routine, their skin looks amazing, toned with a natural glow.

I used Shu Uemura Face Architect foundation, which feels super light on the face while delivering excellent, dewy skin finish. It's actually one of my personal favorite foundations. Contours were done to achieve warmth and dimension. I didn't really play up on the blush but kept it light with a slight, dewy shimmer since her skin is already naturally rosy. I really wanted to make her eyes pop with her smokey eye.

I didn't use falsies here and used lots of volumizing mascara for to really frame her eyes. A little drop of gloss on the center of her lip to for a highlight.

As for her hair, I smoothed it out before setting it in big curls with a large-barrel curling iron as I did her makeup. When I let her hair down, I curled sections of her hair with a conical curling iron used to make mermaid curls and separated it when it cooled. A bit of teasing on the crown and some hairspray to hold and she was good to go. I just didn't overdo the hairspray as she has very fine hair and a lot of product might weigh her hair down.

This is one way of showing how brown can look sexy and gorgeous and not too tita and ageing. Cita looks like a Barbie doll - ready to work out!

Thank you very much Cita for letting me do your makeup!

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