Sunday, September 4, 2016

Twisty Bun Tutorial

The rainy season plus humidity also brings something to our hair - frizz. Frizzy hair is definitely not pretty and sometimes, no matter how much we are religious in those hair treatments or slaved our blow-dry. it just doesn't work.

Here's a very pretty hairstyle you can take to a formal, school, or work, or if you want to take your sticky hair off your neck. The twists give it some character and texture from the usual bun. The best part is, you wouldn't need any combs, heat styling tools, or even hair ties. All you need are bobby pins, that's it!

I chose bobby pins with a zigzag edge because they hold my hair better. I decided not to use product with my tutorial and worked with day-old hair, since I colored my hair yesterday.  You can add more twists if you want more rope-y, texture things. 


1. Gather a small section of hair at the top front part of your head, from temple to temple.

2. Twist that strand but don't twist all the way.

3. Grab another section behind that lock of hair.

4. Twist the two sections together.

5. Pin at the back of your head, where you want your bun to sit. I pinned it at the middle of my head since I want a low bun.

6. Do two twists using this technique on the right side. 

7. Repeat on the left side.

8. When the hair's all pinned, the hair looks like this.

9. To create the bun, gather all the free hair into a ponytail and do a rope braid. To do a rope braid, split the hair into two sections and twist them together, like you're forming a rope. 

10. Wind the hair into a circle, forming a bun and pin your bun in place. Tuck any loose ends. 

The look is just a lot of twists in different sizes. Experiment with tinier, tighter twists for a cornrow effect or adding accessories if you'll be wearing this to a wedding. I didn't use product for this look as I wanted this to be a casual, everyday look but if you want more hold, you can go ahead and do a spritz of hairspray or use styling gel or wax if you want to give your hair more grip.

How would you wear this hair? Let me know in the comments below or show me a picture on Instagram and tag me @bambikitty. 

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