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What You Can Save On A Wedding

Let's face it, when you decide to get married, be prepared that it would cost you. Weddings, especially in the Philippines, are practically a production number and a big celebration. Even if you do initially plan for a small, intimate wedding, chances are your celebration gets bigger as you plan it either you're inspired, you want to invite more friends, or your parents would want it bigger because they want to invite their friends.

Be a happy, frugal bride by saving on a few things. 
If your frugal self would want to save on certain things on the actual ceremony without compromising the beautiful wedding you envision, don't fret! There are certain things that you can save and scrimp on, and you won't get any of those expectation vs. reality like memes you see online. I'll write a separate post on items that you should spend on, however. This time, let's talk about those you would rather save on.


These shoes were bought on sale at a mall. Photo by Owee Salva
Your wedding shoes will be seen probably only in the SDE (same-day edit video)  and photos. Most likely, they would be covered by the gown 95% of the time. During that day. everyone will be looking at your face but not at your feet. Rather than spending thousands of pesos on a designer shoe in this cute color of your motif with Swarovski crystals and 24K gold plating  that would be seen for only 5 minutes, opt for modestly-priced shoes that are also pretty and fit you right.


"Everyone keeps the invitations they get, as a reference to when they have their own invitations" said no one ever. Since we use ecobags when we do the grocery and follow strawless Fridays in some cities, let's be more Earth-friendly by opting not to have printed invitations. Since almost everyone are online anyway, you can create a Facebook invite where you can also post wedding details and updates such as maps, pegs, motifs, bridal registry details, and so on. Understandably, there are still those who are old-fashioned and want a hard copy of the invitation so just print a select few for the principal sponsors or your grandparents. Less carbon footprint, more happy vibes!

Entourage dresses.

White kaftan custom-made by Katricewear 
Buy fabric of the same color scheme and have the your girls just take them to each of their preferred seamstress so she gets the design that she wants made by their trusted mananahi who makes their clothes for all occasions. They can also buy off-the-rack clothes with the same motif that may cost way cheaper than having a gown that costs probably Php5,000 - Php 8,000 each.  That can be the personal gift your entourage give you, instead of another rice cooker or toaster oven.


My April bride Paula's souvenir of choice: fans for a breezy outdoor summer wedding
You can get creative with giveaways but choose souvenirs that are affordable or won't pile up dust in your guests' homes. Do away with figurines or tiny bells and opt for fans, eco bags, or pastries. Opt not for photobooth photos since they end up being a pile of printouts that are tucked away in shelves and just come up with a witty hashtag that your guests can use when snapping and uploading photos in social media.


Real flowers are expensive because these are high maintenance, are dependent on the season, and have a shorter shelf life. Instead of real flowers, opt for paper flowers. My friend Victoria Velasco is an excellent paper florist and she has done paper flowers and decor for a lot of weddings and events.   You and your entourage can go DIY on this months before the wedding by booking her for a workshop. The paper flowers can be used as a decor for your new home or can have new life as confetti for children's birthdays or random parties in the house eventually.

Weddings are beautiful and we all want to make it beautiful. However, being beautiful doesn't necessarily mean exhausting all your savings. Spend only on the essentials. Work smart around your budget and your own needs and have happy guests, happy suppliers, and a happy couple.



Owee Salva;

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Victoria Velasco Paper Florist

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