Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Space to Love: YogaHive

My favorite spaces involve quiet spaces lately that involve me being able to devote 150% of my self to the job. For makeup, I like cold, controlled temps where the model doesn't sweat and my makeup in good condition, good power supply, privacy for the model and myself, and lots of natural daylight. To teach yoga, I like a space that inspires meditation and peace.

One of my favorite places to teach and do yoga is YogaHive, which I have been teaching some of my classes as a substitute teacher. YogaHive is located in the heart of Makati CBD, very accessible to offices and residential areas. It's  right in front of the Jaime Velasquez Park, where they hold the Salcedo Saturday Markets weekly. It's got the nice, relaxed spa-like atmosphere but it's in the city. I'm very much a city girl. I like being in a place that's 30 minutes to anywhere I need to go max. Despite being right smack in Makati CBD, it has a very chill vibe you wouldn't know the offices near it are super busy.

The reception area is total living room peg. Are you the type who's super stressed at work that the moment you get out of the office you run to your yoga studio for some chill out time? While waiting for your class, the reception area, complete with wellness books and comfy chairs and sofas already prep you up for a relaxed yogi vibe.

I've fallen asleep on that daybed once. it's my most favorite spot.

If you want to take your practice at home, a bit of shopping for yoga equipment to get you started. They also sell cute yoga outfits because we can never have enough yoga wear (or sportswear)

The studio is perfect for your practice, with lots of space for large classes and spaces in between students to do the stretchy twists.

stretch before class
YogaHive offers a lot of yoga classes - Vinyasa (Easy and Intermediate), Yin Yoga, Hot Vinyasa, Yoga Start. and Power Vinyasa for the yogis that want a strong practice. They also offer special fitness classes such as NT Sweat ( a fitness program taught by fitness blogger and yoga teacher Nikki Torres),  CoreWell (fitness meets wellness), and pole dance and fitness.

They recently added Broga, a strong yoga class geared for men in their list, which they launched last week. Broga will be taught by Paulo Leonido.

Yoga For Life Teachers Quino Reyes, Me, and Paulo Leonido at the Broga Launch Last Saturday
I invite the boys who read this blog to go try this super strong and super fun class, or invite the men in your life like your friends, dads, brothers, boyfriends, husbands, or cousins to try out Broga.

If you would want to start your fitness journey here, you can walk in the studio and check out their rates and inquire. They are located at 101 Three Salcedo, 123 Tordesillas St. Salcedo Village, Makati City. You may also call (02) 7290254. Go with friends or just by yourself.  I'll announce if I'll be subbing some classes and I really hope I see you there!

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