Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Tour Inside The Pond's Skin Institute

If you have been in Bonifacio High Street recently, you may have seen a building in front of Halal Guys amd Fully Booked, which I posted in my Instagram account.

That's the Pond's Institute, your one-stop guide to every Filipina's skin care needs.

I had the chance to visit this place last week so I dropped by after work to check it out and let me share what's inside.

I may not wear a lot of white (#MUAproblems) but I appreciate white interiors in workplaces. White walls and floors light up the place quite nicely (perfect for photo-ops) and naturally and it gives a pristine appearance. If ever I had a makeup studio, expect a lot of white in it (with accents of black, red, and leopard print).

The first step was to have my skin analyzed with the skin analyzer. The skin analyzer is super accurate. It works even if you're wearing makeup, but I removed my makeup just in case for this because I wanted super clean results.

After that, a Pond's Skin Expert would recommend you the Pond's line that's perfect for you, based on your skin analysis and your lifestyle. Pond's has a whole range of products addressed to specific skin conditions and we of course want to have what's good for us.

What are these mirrors for? To find out the BB cream that's right for you, of course. The BB cream is the answer to every busy Filipina who wouldn't want to bother with a full face of products but would want to have a flawless face - it's skin care and makeup in one. It also contains sunscreen to combat both UVA and UVB rays. It also has the consistency of a tinted moisturizer instead of the super thick "paint-like" consistency of the BB creams of the past.

I've been swimming again recently as an added sport for arms and back day and since I'm still in peak season, I've been shortcutting my skin care so I guess I need a bit of help in the dryness/roughness and UV spots department. My skin age still matches my real age, though.  Of course, having my skin age younger than actual would be better. The line recommended for me is the Pond's Age Miracle line.

The Pond's Age Miracle line contains anti-ageing ingredients as well as boosts collagen production and can make the skin look up to 10 years younger. This was the line recommended to me.

As of the moment, my current facial wash at night is the Pond's Age Miracle Face Wash, which is non-drying for my skin. I guess it's time to try the rest of their line soon.

The selling area contains the Pond's products should you wish to purchase anything. Aside from popular ranges like the White Beauty and Pond's AcneClear Face Wash, it contains the ever-so-classic Pond's Cold Cream, which still remains a favorite makeup remover and cleanser for longtime fans at the end of the day.

As a makeup artist, I know very well the importance of beautiful and clear skin, which I always emphasize in most of my posts. If you want to jumpstart your way to beautiful skin and would want Pond's to help you with the journey, then feel free to drop by the Pond's Institute at Bonifacio High Street in BGC. They are located in front of Fully Booked/Halal Guys and facing Serendra. The Pond's Institute would be here up only until June 4, 2016.

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