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Work Diaries: Browhaus Makeup Range Launch

I was invited a few weeks ago by Browhaus Manila to give a demo during the launch of the Browhaus Makeup Range, which are long-lasting eye makeup products that are super easy to use. I'm a longtime client of Strip and Browhaus and what else to complement a perfect set of arches but the makeup to enhance our eyes right?

This event was held at Cafe Naya and the attire was Military Chic, for these products are weapons of mass seduction.

Makeup station dressed for the occasion. 

Makeup artist also dressed for the occasion. Inspiration for this look was General Guile in Streetfighter. I would've done a pompadourish high ponytail too.  Got my pants at the men's section of H&M, which are super comfy
 The makeup products are very easy to use, even for the makeup noob and are created for the woman on-the-go, the woman who doesn't have two hours to spare to sit down and set up her gear to do her makeup everyday.

With most brides, even if they ask for very clean and natural makeup, they would always want emphasis on the eyes. Like they would go, "I want my makeup clean lang, but I want my eyes to really pop." I guess it's because the expression, the eyes being the "windows to our soul" is somewhat true. What we feel reflects in our eyes, even if what we say may be different. The eyes show our true feelings. A flutter, a wink, or a stare can convey a lot of things, even in the most subtle way.

As I mentioned during the  demo on the products, these products can easily transform a very subtle daytime look to a dramatic glamour look if you plan to go out at night after.

The heart and soul of Browhaus is brows, it would not be complete without the Browhaus Classic Brow Lead pencil (Php 648), which comes in three different shades - Blonde, Asphalt, and Soft Brown.

swatched of Browhaus Classic Brow Lead L-R: Blonde, Asphalt, and Soft Brown

 I personally use Asphalt for my brows since I color my hair and would like a soft but defined look for my brows. I understand that brow pencils scare a lot of us since if used wrongly, they give a harsh, pencilled-in, old-school soap opera antagonist look. Each shade of the is very subtle and very buildable so you create soft, hairlike strokes that can mimic a slight shadow on the brows, just to give them emphasis. This is easy to use with no waxy finish. It also comes with a sharpener so your brows stay on point.

When applying to brows, just use light, feathery strokes and brush with the spoolie on the other end. Although I use Asphalt for myself, Soft Brown, their bestseller also works for me especially if I want my brows stronger and paired with a red lip.

Since we all can't live without our eyeliner, the Browhaus Precision Eyeliner (Php750) is for those who want their cat eye on point without spending 2 hours just trying to make things even.

The secret is that it has a super fine felt-tip pen that's easy to handle and control. It comes in two shades, black and brown.

The brown is a soft shade that can be used for everyday, especially for those who would want just a subtle definition. This eyeliner also has the best of both worlds - it's waterproof but when it's time to remove it, it's easily removed with warm water or makeup remover. If you're pretty new with the liquid eyeliner thing, just dot your lash line with the Browhaus Precision Eyeliner and just like the childhood activity we used to do, connect the dots slowly using small, short strokes. Then go over the finishes line to even things out.

The Browhaus HD Mascara (Php 998) is a client favorite.

 My friend Cita hardly wears makeup but she swears by this to give her lashes that make her look like she's wearing falsies. It gives long, lush, and glossy lashes and the brush delivers just the right amount of product so there's no clumpy, spidery effect. This, I would say is my most favorite among the line. I could even just go out of the house with just brows and mascara and I'd look like I have eyes.  For brides or clients that are uncomfortable with falsies, I could use this instead. It can be used with a disposable mascara wand or a mascara fan brush for hygiene purposes.

Here's how it looks on my lashes.

Here's also another look I did on my friend Kelay. Kelay chose not to wear false eyelashes for her look  so I used a fan brush to apply the Browhaus HD mascara on her to finish her eye makeup.

The Browhaus Heavy-Duty Bi-Liner is the newest product. It's a pencil with a gel finish and an eyeshadow in one. The bi-liner comes in a set of five sparkly, shimmery shades, purchased at Php 1998 or you can just purchase your favorite for Php498 each.

All these pencils have a shimmery finish, which are great for nights out.

swatches from L-R: Blush (a frosty baby pink), Burgundy (a warm violet shade), Amber (a shimmery gold shade for daytime or brown smokey eyes), Noir Shimmer ( dark charcoal gray with shimmer), and Midnight Blue (a dark blue shade great for smoky eyes or a colorful cat's eye)

If you're the type who likes colorful cat eye, this comes with a built-in sharpener so you always have a nice, precise pointy end. If the smudgy smokey eye is your trademark look, use the smudger end on the lower lashline.

Anatomy of a Heavy-Duty Bi-Liner: The other end of the pencil reveals both a sharpener and a smudger. No need for a lot of brushes in your kikay kit!

You can use this the same way as you would use your pencil eyeliner.To use it as an eyeshadow, just shade on your lid like your were coloring and then blend with a brush or your ring finger. The brush works well for me because I have more control. For the lower lashline, I use the smudger brush that comes with it. You do have to work super fast though, because this sets really fast.

For the daytime look, I like using Amber on my eyelid then contouring my crease with a matte brown powder shadow if I want more warmth and definition. If I want more smoky at night, Noir Shimmer or Midnight Blue would be my best bets.

products used on Kate: 
Brows: Browhaus Classic Brow Lead in Soft Brown
Lid: Browhaus Heavy-Duty Bi-Liner in Burgundy
Lashline: Browhaus Heavy-Duty Bi-Liner in Noir Shimmer and then smudged to "smoke" it up
Top lashline: Browhaus Precision Eyeliner in Black winged out for a nice and flirty lift.
Lashes: Curled using an eyelash curler then 3 coats of Browhaus HD Mascara

Here's the smoky look I did on my model, Kate. I used Burgundy and blended this well. The Heavy-Duty Bi-Liner can also be used as a base for matching powder eyeshadow, if you want more intensity.

What I do like about these products is that they're very easy to use and compact. You can take this with you in your personal makeup kit when you travel. Complicated brushes are not necessary as well, so this really saves a lot of space. Your makeup kit can practically be a slim pencil case and a compact.

my usual work look using the Browhaus makeup range. This look is super easy to do and I look quite polished. All I needed is brows, a bit of winged eyeliner, and mascara.
This time and energy-saving line is great for makeup artists and afficionados alike. Even if makeup artists like me know how to apply makeup professionally, we need time-saving formulas like this. When going to work, doing the whole shebang is an extra two hours and if our call time is 8 am, that may not be possible. This simplifies our work look while making us still look the part.

Thank you so much Browhaus Manila for asking me to do the demo. I had a lot of fun during the event!

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