Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hot New Trend: The V-Look

We're all obsessed with getting the perfect, slim, chiseled face shape. That's why we have the magical powers of contouring in the first place, where we take that extra step of shading and highlighting so we could achieve the supermodel  cheekbones and slimmer face. Others have gone to the extreme of going under the knife to taper off a few angles and achieve the perfect V-shape face, a trend among Asians. As us Asians have naturally round face shapes, this makes us look more youthful yet it can add the illusion of extra pounds in photos or can appear flat.

Without the extra step of makeup contouring and the layers of makeup sitting on your face or spending extra on a good cosmetic surgeon, the illusion of a slimmer face can be achieved through the new hairstyle trend called the V-Look, developed by L'Oreal Professionel.

This look takes inspiration from K-Pop stars, and is described as flattering in all angles and makes use of face-framing bangs, a bit of volume on the top and a few layers to get the ideal shape to flatter your own features. Aside from the perfect cut for your face shape and hair texture, hair color would be taken into consideration to give you the color that would flatter your skin tone and enhance it, no makeup necessary, sort of like, I woke-up-naturally-looking-like-this look. A pretty, fluffy-messy look that's low-maintenance. This look may also create a lot of volume, especially if your hair is fine, saving blow-drying time wrestling with your hair dryer and round brush.

Personally, I like layers to take away the weight from my hair and somehow, for wavy-haired girls like me, layers also enhances my hair's natural texture. I'm not so sure I would try bangs though on me since I don't like hair getting near my eyes when I work out, so my cut always opts for low-maintenance layers to add volume and shape. I'm always open to new color, since I color my hair.

Would you love to try this look for the season? What color would you choose? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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