Sunday, August 16, 2015

Redhead Once More

I've been meaning to go redhead for as long as I can remember and I kinda miss having fun, fiery red hair. I get my hair colored since it gives me a better look and makes me look less washed out. I usually go for an ash color, since it brightens up my color and it's a color that's super low-maintenance. When I give my hair a rest, I revert it back to dark brown so the regrowth won't be that obvious.

I've seen a peg over at the BDJBox Instagram account, with the trend #fireombrehair, which starts as a bold shade of red, then fades to a copper/orange then to blonde or platinum. and I thought I'd give it a try. Thankfully, my job does not have a lot of strict restrictions with hair color, image, and tattoos or what not.

I went over to Salon Beauvoir yesterday morning and thankfully senior hairstylist Monette Rivera was there. She previously did my pixel hair highlights and I loved how the red didn't turn brassy after the fade. In fact, it actually had some snippets of red still and those that had some  fade weren't brassy orange but a nice, cool ash. Since my last dye job was like 3 months ago, it's time for a new change and I went for fire ombre hair, It's my first time to have my hair colored professionally from base to highlight so I'm really excited.

First up, my hair was applied its base color (a bright, bold red) directly with no bleaching.  Unlike usual base color where every part of my hair was colored, the color was applied only up to 2/3 of the way and left to develop for 20 minutes (the approximate amount for my hair to develop), washed, and then dried for the highlights to be applied. Unlike usual highlights where the colors were applied in foils at the top of my head, my foils were applied at the bottom. I still had some platinum chunks of hair from my last bleaching, and these would be the parts that would eventually turn platinum blond during the fade. In between the honey/blond and the red, I had a coppery shade for the orange part of my hair. Just like the base color, my hair was washed and blow-dried.

I didn't have the fiery bright red, although it could be achieved by having my hair bleached first and red applied. However, it would be too much for my hair to handle and I might end up with damaged hair. Also, I'm glad that Monette thought ahead about regrowth and colored my hair in such a way that even when regrowth happens, the natural color would look like it's still part of the whole ombre effect (instead of the distinct line of root regrowth that happens).  Some hair textures may take an extra platinum bleach at the tips, but apparently, my hair might get damaged if that's the case. I like the hair though, it's like Sansa Stark. I was told that the fade will be ash brown, and by the time my roots grow, it would blend well with my hair too (also, it would save me money so I can prolong the time before I go for a root retouch). The highlights being at the tips of my hair would also enhance my naturally wavy hair and create dimension.

super bright hair under the sun

Red hair can be very difficult to work with and I'm glad I read up on tips on how to maintain red hair color. I agree that going to the pros is the way to go and going DIY will just result into a red mess in the bathroom and a brassy, patchy hair color mess. If I went DIY and went ahead with the peg, I might have damaged my hair with all the bleaching and coloring I did.  This was a lesson I learned as well from my past DIY hair color mishaps. It took an expert to come up with a color that fits my complexion and hair texture and know the limitations and boundaries of my own hair and still come up with a look that I want.

The day after (I couldn't wash my hair 24 hours after color), the curls became softer.

I'm thinking of loving this look for quite some time. I'm usually not into a lot of bright colors but I think I'll maintain this look over up until the holidays.

Salon Information:
Salon Beauvoir is located at Upper G/F Sommerset Olympia 7912 Makati Ave Cor. Sto. Tomas, Makati 1200
(02) 478 7670

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