Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What's in my Gig Makeup Bag? L'Oreal Revitalift Laser x3 Total Care

If the fountain of youth existed, I would be climbing hills and mountains lugging pails and bottles and filling them up with the clear liquid that would make me look young forever, or as my friend said, make me seem that I have vampire genes. In real life, however, we deal with ageing.

I didn't mind this when I was much younger, and I actually avoided anti-ageing products. It was also the fact that they somehow didn't agree with my skin back then. My classmate from makeup school said that my body probably didn't need it yet and the formulation of an anti-ageing product would be too much for my early 20's skin. I started using anti-ageing products when I reached my late 20s, from my cleanser to my facial wash and my classmate was right because then, skin was now more tolerant to the products. Coupled with a healthy lifestyle and a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, I am glad that for years, I still had the same skin quality with hardly any visible signs of ageing. In fact, when I had my skin analyzed, I had no wrinkles, no excess oil, and normal pores. Healthy skin!

Ageing is a natural occurence that happens to anyone. Exposure to free radicals, stress, pollution, makeup, and even poor health habits can actually hasten our ageing process. Eventually, I know that I won't have this same skin quality when I'm much older. But it doesn't mean since it's inevitable I'll just be lax. I can delay the process too! Also, even if I have a healthy diet and teach and practice yoga, there are factors also that can contribute to signs of ageing. I live in the city, so I get exposed to pollution. I can't wear sunscreen all the time since I might be training that day and also I may slip. Since my other job tells me to wear makeup, my skin gets exposed to minimal tugs and forces, so I should really be very careful.

In my pro bag, I carry basic skincare that's safe for all skin types. I  carry organic or hypoallergenic products, since I can use this for various clients with different skin types. Aside from that, I also carry an anti-ageing product. Last month's Stellar summer, where I did makeup, I used the newest skin care from L'Oreal - The Revitalift Laser x3 Total Care

It actually sounds like a mouthful, but it really isn't super complicated. This sleek bottle contains an oil-in-water emulsion that feels light on the skin and is easily absorbed. The smell is pretty much quite tolerable and when I used this alone, I'm glad that my face stayed shine-free and less slick and slippery even at the middle of the day. This also acts as a sunblock, as this contains SPF 27 PA+++. Also, will the high SPF cause a flashback on flash photography? The answer is no. None of the people I used this to had a white flashback and I didn't have also a white flashback myself when I took a photo, so it's perfect for a photo-heavy event during the day when you know that you'll be exposed to sun. For beach weddings or outdoor receptions, this can be your best bet for the moms of the brides and the brides. When to use? ideally in the morning, before you go to work. And you also need probably just a pea-sized amount before using, so one Php 1499 bottle has a long way to go. I like massaging the product onto the skin. It boosts circulation and gives the skin a glow from within. Plus it feels really good! The sleek red packaging looks great too on my display for BTS shots.

This product is already available in Department stores.

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