Thursday, August 6, 2015

My Take on Clear Nose Blackhead Remover Solution

Blackhead removal is a literally painful task. Back in the olden days, they used this torturous device to remove blackheads, Of course, there's squeezing your nose to get rid of the goo but I don't recall it being a less painful option. While the cleanest and deepest way of removing blackheads is a visit to the dermatologist (plus you got pros to do it for you as you relax away), we need budget-friendly ways to go DIY. Thankfully, nose-clearing strips have been invented in the early 2000s (am I right?), which removed them buggers painlessly. A lot swear by them and how they remove it cleanly.

I got a box of Clear Nose Blackhead Remover Solution from our BDJBox Makeup party last month. It's a product from Japan that's designed to remove blackheads and the package looks like a cute scientific experiment. It not only removes pores but also cleans skin of  irritants and impurities while keeping skin clear and minimize the appearance of visible pores.

Unlike pore-cleaning strips where you just have that white cotton strip that you wet and stick on your nose, this is a three-step process. I've been neglecting this for quite some time, so I thought I'd give this product a try. The instuctions make it look fun, too.

 I always start with clean skin, so I washed my face first. I skipped toner and moisturizer though.

STEP 1: Apply the pore-smooth Magic Water on the nose area and leave this for 2-3 minutes, or until the blackhead is clearly visible. There's a bit of stinging though on the skin, and significant tightening feeling,

I don't know if the blackheads are visible enough but this is how my nose skin looked like on macro setting after 3 minutes.

STEP 2: Apply a proper layer of "Blackhead Eraser Mask" on the nose area. Yes, it's black, and a bit minty with a scent that reminds me faintly of school glue and peppermint.

 The black color of the mask actually would make you see your blackheads more. This is where the blackheads would adhere to. Don't apply too thin or too thick, just enough that your nose is covered but not too thick and gloopy.

STEP 3: Wash and dry your hands. Place the Cotton Peel-off Sheet onto the applied area. Apply gentle pressure on the top of the nose downward.

Leave for 10-15 minutes (watch a web series, do a quick yin yoga sequence, talk to your cats, etc).

Step 4: Remove the cotton strip by pulling up from each side of your nose slowly. Do it slowly to avoid breaking the cotton strip. Most of the black mask will adhere to the cotton strip, along with the blackheads.

Why hello blackheads, how are you?

I didn't break out from this product (the demo here is actually my second time to use this product), I used to break out from other brands, There is the little bit of stinging and tightening feeling but nothing really excruciatingly painful. The process takes a little under 20 minutes. I usually do this after removing all of my makeup.

Clear Nose Blackhead Remover Solution is available via Bright Skin Philippines and you can follow them in Facebook and Instagram. If you're the type who would want to go to a physical store to purchase your products, they can be found at Trinoma, Tiendesitas, and Showroom Co. in Timog. They can be contacted via email at or send them an SMS or Viber message at 0905-2305359. 

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