Thursday, June 18, 2015

Happy Birthday To Me!

This Kitty celebrated her birthday last Monday! Yaaay!

I'm a funny kitty. Behind the eyeliner and dark lipsticks, I'm not one kitty to host big extravagant birthday bashes or celebrations. I like celebrating my birthday quietly doing things I like and just being chill. I actually like quiet time now and big crowds really exhaust me a lot. I like quiet spaces and tranquil areas. I'm very much an introvert, which comes as a surprise to most people. It must be the lipstick, I guess.

Probably the best birthday gift I've had so far is my digestive issues have finally been resolved. I was about to just resign myself to the fact that the issue will be with me forever until I had dinner with a friend and while she chowed her pizza with delight, I was having a hard time downing my cup of tomato soup. I mentioned to her that I've been having issues like these for 3 months now after an indigestion incident or food poisoning incident which made me projectile vomit my lunch and stomach contents. She mentioned that a friend of hers had that exact same issue and had to go on a reset diet, I remembered that back in 2010, I was prescribed a diet just to correct my eating habits and purge fast food chemicals from my body. It wasn't exactly starving myself, but eating a lot of good real food. The diet consisted of fish, chicken, lots of veggies and fruits, good carbs, and no refined sugars, chemicals, or red meat. I guess it did me right because I was able to start eating again. I haven't had fast food in a while (and it's good because it's bad for me anyway) but I can finally have moderate amounts of red meat and sugar. All in time for my birthday.

I got to have cake on my birthday. Costa Brava's caramel cake and a slice of marshmallow cake. My favorite cake ever.

I also was able to teach a yoga class for Yoga For Life at Beyond Yoga Libis. On my birthday class, I used my favorite hip sequence to free the hips because it was also independence day weekend (or I should say Yin-dependence weekend).

It was also Burt's adoption anniversary so I gave Burtie Boy lots of hugs. Happy adoption day baby boy. Has it been a year already?

I remember spending my 2011 birthday attending pole class so I did the same thing four years later. And it felt wonderful, although painful. The lesson for today was all about contact points, and CD describes the lesson as "not hard, but painful". The class did not involve strength or flexibility but contact points, push-pull relationships, and all. So there were a lot of underarm and skin grips. Here's what we learned, the Jujuba hold and variations of it.

Another quiet time was getting a pedi enjoying (non-alcoholic) iced tea while getting the car washed. I even had the entire salon all to myself.

I forgo the big birthday dinner blowout with the waiters singing Happy Birthday and giving me a huge chunk of cake or ice cream. This one prefers to cook a quiet dinner at home, which is probably what I would be ordering anyway outside, at a fraction of what I would pay for,

Black pepper mushroom pasta with truffle oil for dinner.

And just like last time, I celebrate my birthday, although quietly for a month and I take it seriously. And even though I like it quiet, I still enjoy the emails and text messages I got and thank everyone who remembered to greet me on my birthday. As for gifts, I didn't ask for a lot of gifts this year and suggest to donate instead whatever money to be spent on gifts to animal welfare groups to help animals in need.

Another wonderful year! Let's make this awesome shall we?

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