Monday, February 4, 2013

Gigs: Polecats at the AXA Xceeding Xcellence Awards Night

Most of you guys know me as a neutrals kind of girl. I love my pinks, peaches, and browns and occasional pretty smokiness. Bridal has been my niche and my personal makeup style is an upgraded version of themselves, or as I fondly called it, waking up pretty. In my recent gig with the Polecats, and my first gig with them for the year (yay!) I get to go out of my neutral comfort zone for artistic makeup. Specifically, I went cirque-style.

It's my SOP to ask the color of the costume so I can come up with pegs, which saves me more time than winging things since I got everything planned. I was also given the song they would be dancing to, namely Allegria from Cirque Du Soleil. The stage also was going to be big too, so I thought, I think it's time for some artistic makeup.

I was quite nervous doing artistic makeup since it's not my usual niche, although I can do it. Think of it this way, it's like a jazz dancer doing hip hop once in a while. But just like in pole dance, I should welcome new challenges to grow as an artist (nuks, how deep!). So what does this little kitty do? Challenge accepted.

The inspiration for their look was Harley Quinn from Batman. You all know her, she's joker's henchwoman. So I googled photos of her as well as certain pegs and came up with the following ideas: red lips, heavy eyes and brows, double wing liner, hearts and diamonds. But knowing me, I like making things pretty, so I made sure that they didn't look like aliens after makeup but pretty performers.

For the base girls, makeup was more intense as their face would be seen more by the crowd (they're the ones carrying the other girls). So, I gave them smoky eyes with lines right at the middle with hearts.

The flyer girls had the double winged liner with hints of blue and some diamonds and sparkles. Thank you Kyla, for being my model.

As you can seem the contour is kind of heavy. Aside from the usual standard brown matte powder for contouring, I used plum-colored blush as a slight contour. The stage was really huge so I had to exaggerate everything as the lights may drown the makeup. My favorite palette with a hot pink blush was used to highlight.

Yep, the stage was huge. :)

Thank you Polecats Manila for this awesome gig. It was fun to go away from my comfort zone of browns and extend the eyeliner way up a a bit.

After that event, Polecat Kyla and Tomcat Duds performed at the after-party in Republiq. I changed Kyla's cirque makeup into something more glam and did glam rock smoky eyes for Duds inspired by Stacee Jaxx in Rock of Ages

It was such a fun day (and night) for us. Looking forward to more makeup gigs with the Polecats!

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