Friday, July 14, 2017

Gelish Dip: No-chip, High shine safe and fast nail color made affordable

We all love our gel manicure. For most of us, it stays put like an annoying suitor that will not let go even if nail regrowth is pretty obvious. I like the fact that as soon as the procedure is over, I'm super good to go, no need for "flyaway" nails like Edward Scissorhands in fear of smudging your freshly-painted nails. Gel polish is perfect for weddings when you are super busy the day before your wedding you need to do your nails like 2 days before and still have shiny, gorgeous nails on the big day. It's perfect when you travel so you have nice, Instagrammable-worthy nails perfect for your food photos and flatlays. No need to worry about chips at times like these.

I was invited to try Gelish's newest nail system - The Gelish Dip, a revolutionary acrylic powder nail system that allows you to get gel-like perfect nails without the need of a UV or LED lamp.

This service is faster and simpler than our usual gel polish - it takes just 20-30 minutes for both hands. That's half a lunchbreak so you have more time to eat or coffee or whatever.  Also, for those who do not prefer gel polish because of the cost, Gelish Dip is super affordable as it costs only half of what we would usually pay for a gel polish service - Php 450.00. This service also is gentle on the nails and does not strip the nail of its protective barrier - perfect for girls like me with thin nails.

The service is available at all Beauty and Butter shops (we currently have three here in Manila - SM Jazz, SM MOA, and SM Megamall).

Dip Powder in Scandalous

The difference from a traditional gel manicure and the Gelish Dip is that instead of bottles containing the nail polish in liquid form, the color actually comes in a jar in powder form, similar to caviar nails or glitter nails. There's so much colors and finishes to choose from (around 120!) so they've got you covered with all the colors of the rainbow and more.

Instead of a UV lamp, they have an activator, which cures the color.

The product is also safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mommies so no need to worry about getting your mani-pedi fix. If anyone is scared of cross-contamination from the dip powder, you would be glad to know that technicians really clean the nails of each individual client very well with properly sanitized materials (Beauty and Butter has their equipment in sealed packages before the nail technician uses them on the client, which the client has to sign first) before dipping your nail in the acrylic powder.

Choosing colors is hard!
Since it was my birthday when I had this service done, I chose something glittery gold, because what is life without glitter?

The glitter polish took two coats and I left with super sparkly nails level 100 which got me singing Beyonce's "One Night Only" in my mind. Glittery polishes look gorgeous in whatever angle and the colors come to life with the sparkle, even for me who wears short nails a lot. I just have to remind you that the glitter dip powders can get quite messy (just like working with glitter for any purpose) so have a scarf or towel ready to cover your dress or bag should you be going somewhere and not have glitters all over you. Check out how the nail tech magically transformed my glitter dip powder to a liquidy, glittery gold nail color.

Depending on your activities, the Gelish Dip promises up to 14 days of no-chip gorgeousness. If you're a bride, it's perfect for the wedding day and honeymoon travel photos. I'm thinking of gettting a holographic-looking one in the perfect occasion, say an event or if i'm travelling. Whaddya think?

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