Thursday, July 6, 2017

#Bambikitty2017: The Gift of Giving Back

Before, I used to make wishlists for my birthday and Christmas. These wishlists are  like gift registry for people to refer to in case they want to give me something, hoping I get those. Usually, my list has something super wishful (like a designer bag or something) to something simple like a prepaid reload card. One time, as I was cleaning out my stuff, I thought, do I really need any more new things on my birthday? I have all the makeup I need in the world and my closet clearly is doing some de-stashing.

Last year, I spent my birthday in silence, having greetings only to those who really knew the dates. I liked the silence. This year, it was semi-silence. Obviously, everyone in the studio knew what day it was. What I did though, was instead of asking for gifts, I gave. For those who wanted to give me gifts, I asked them to give to animals in need - either feed a stray dog or cat, adopt from an animal shelter, or donate to animal welfare groups.

The eve of my birthday fell on a Wednesday and I had a class that day. I had a simple celebration after my class with the YogaHive staff and some of my students. I taught a relaxing yin class, since I told my students I'll be nice, particularly working on the digestive system since we would be eating that day (What is a Bambikitty birthday without awesome food, right?)

In place of cake, I ordered kitty-themed leopard print cupcakes from Shake and Bake, who did my lemon birthday cupcakes a few years back. The cupcakes were white vanilla cakes with rich dark chocolate filling. The leopard-print fondant design had a mild melon flavor, which complemented everything well. 

I didn't plan on cooking though since I thought I'd be busy. However, I awoke that Wednesday early so I made my favorite go-to truffle mushroom pasta and became generous with the truffle oil and parmesan cheese. I also ordered pizza.

It's my birthday so all diets are thrown away and I served my favorite chips - Doritos Taco and Cheetos Jalapeno (whoever heard of a birthday with boiled chicken breast and sweet potato? Ew). 

The cat food is a gift for me from my regular students, Princes and Gerwin for my kitties. We did not serve cat food that day. They did bring vegan salad though for everyone to share. 

There were also Wildflour assorted pastries from my student, Tita Bebette. We all had these to share and they were all so good! 

Also, I haven't realized that it's been already 6 months that I'm officially teaching yoga in a yoga studio, with my name in class schedules. I must say time does fly fast when you're doing something you love. It's so inspiring to see my students get stronger and better with their practice no matter what age or body type they have. Whenever they tell me how much they love my classes or how torturous but awesomely good the stretch feels, I still get that kilig feels. It also inspires me to grow even more, to be more dedicated to my practice and to become a better teacher, that's why I'm saving up for more workshops and immersions (yes, my dear students, more and more stretchies for you. Like a  TV shopping ad, "Oh but wait, there's more!")

I chose to give in my birthday this year - teaching class, feeding people, sharing food, and feeding stray animals. I gave my cats yummy food from Bow and Wow. This year, my wishlist was empty. No fancy branded makeup I would want to have. No designer sneakers. No big gift to self (my pasta maker was a 2016 birthday and 2016 Christmas gift to self) . I also chose to let go. Not just by doing detox diets (which I don't) but by emotionally detoxifying myself of what does not serve me and whatever holds me back, which has been themes of my classes. In fact I've noticed, I've bailed through countless pole and hoop moves solely because of fear. It's like pole drops - you just gotta do it. Despite an empty birthday wishlist, my heart stays full. As I learn to detach (starting from my hair) and let go, a chance for growth paves its way. 

The month has been good to me. Let's make the rest better. 

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