Monday, February 13, 2017

The Fit Girl's Floral-y Alternatives

Funny thing is, I was never a fan of flowers. While most girls gush on bouquets of colorful blooms or go to flower markets to buy sprigs and blossoms for their house, I'm one who would be the one to keep the litterbox poop-free or vacuum the house. For me, I didn't really want the idea of someone to spend so much money on something that would be dying in a few days a slow, sad death. I would want something that I can enjoy aside from just looking at its beauty for just a few days.

If you would still want to give something blossomy-pretty, here are a few bouquet-inspired ideas on how to turn random things into something gorgeous and Valentine's-like. Not only are they gorgeous, but they are also yummy and good for our bodies.


Broccoli is a staple in most grocery carts of fit girls. For those allergic to fish, broccoli can be your source of  Omega-3's. It's also got anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. It's also good for your digestive and cardiovascular system. Just get good broccoli (organic is best) and tie a ribbon with a short note. It also looks like a bouquet. If you're not a broccoli fan, you can use cauliflower, which can be "riced" and made into gluten-free cauliflower rice or pizza. You can also combine both cauliflower and broccoli.

Enoki and Bacon

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Happy protein overload. This savory grilled veggie. They actually look like tiny boqueuts. Just grab a bunch of enoki (seasoned with olive oil, salt, and pepper)  and then wrap them with bacon before grilling. Cool a bit before eating. Don't they look like tiny bouquets in the photo?


Strawberries are also associated with Valentine's day. Let's make this awesome fruit the star of the show.  Did you know that they contain also a lot of antioxidants? They're also great in curbing PMS symptoms and prevent illnesses with the antioxidants. I've seen lots of tutorials on creating a strawberry bouquet. You can create your own and make it as small or as big as you want. For an added treat, dip some (or all) in dark chocolate for a nice treat. Even after dismantling the bouquet, the fruit will still be enjoyed in the form of smoothies, cakes, snacks, and even as it is.

Protein Bars

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Nothing makes a fit girl happy than the gift of #gainz or support towards the #roadtogainz so give her a stock of an after-workout muscle-building snack arranged like a bouquet or topiary in a flower pot. Make it one flavor (usually her favorite) or pick out her favorites and some bestsellers if you would want it assorted, Kinda unusual, but it's one happy gift for the one who wants some gainz.

Smoothie Bowls

Not really floral-y but just as pretty, these are gorgeous IG-worthy treats that are great for breakfast. I posted a few smoothie bowl recipes earlier so you can refer to that or your own if you want to go DIY,  This awesome acai bowl I found over at Blogilates looks super gorgeous (it's even got actual edible flowers! Substitute with food readily available and remember to use very little liquid with your fruit base.  Frozen fruit too helps create that icecream-like consistency.

Any ideas for floral bouquet-inspired Valentine's gifts? Post them on Instagram and tag me and I would love to see your creations!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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