Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Dream Space

In trying to come up with topics to write about, I thought about writing not really a goal, but a visualization of a space. When I started out with makeup, I thought that I would be needing a makeup studio so I thought about what my future studio would look like. Back then I wanted an all-girly theme, sort of inspired by Elle Woods. However, so many girls wanted that style too, so I thought I wouldn't want that since I would want to stand out. Also, with photographers closing their own studios and with us mostly being in the field most of the time, I thought of not getting one entirely since there's so much things to worry about.

Even now, I do dream of that space, but instead of making it solely a makeup studio, I want it to be a room where I can combine things that I like to do.  This may be a dream vanity to stash my makeup and film tutorials for the blog, work on new techniques. do makeup for my friends, as well as be able to incoporate some training on the side, because, well, you know how much I love fitness and for me you gotta take care of the body too! So let's call this not really a vanity, but a Happy Sacred Space, shall we?

I don't really have drawings of that space since I'm not really an interior designer and the most interior design I did was probably designing houses at The Sims, so I'm just going about certain photos of things I found online and in Instagram of people who already have their awesome workspaces. I won't be doing their exact design, but I would just like these to inspire me.  It's quite a rare design since I'm combining a makeup studio with a yoga/dance/exercise studio but it's somehow something like that.  After all, this is a dream thing, and if it does happen, then at least I have a few ideas jotted down and the pegs saved in this post and then let the pros do their thing and conceptualize my ideas into something more tangible.

Back then, I wanted an all-pink girly scheme, but obviously that has changed in a span of a decade. I considered a rocker chic theme, with hints of black, gray, and animal print (I'm so inspired from my Stellar 3 performance) but I thought, if this were to be a fitness space as well, I wouldn't want a lot of distractions, especially if I would be doing yoga. Besides, clean lines and simple interiors means easy spotting of dirt and easy cleanup. I'm very hands-on in things and I really enjoy doing cleanups and general cleaning myself, no hired help necessary.

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I personally like warm white or cool grays or ecrus as my color scheme. I may skip carpeting and rugs though, and I would explain why. I would prefer a softer floor that's easy to clean, something like wood or whatever they use in dance or yoga studios as these are more friendly for the joints.

In any space, I always consider light. Sometimes the light affects our mood and energy. Bright lights not only look good in photos, but they also reenergize us, like how the sun hits our faces first thing in the morning, acting like a natural alarm clock. Therefore, in creating a good working space, I want lots of natural light to come in. This makes for better makeup application and photos/videos for documentation purposes. The vanity itself would have the mirror with lights, with the right mixture of white and yellow lights to mimic daylight, should daylight not be available (say I'm filming a tutorial at night, when my creative juices hit me).

 The clean, simple lines of this lamp would be good at a reading corner. It's also pretty stable enough not to be knocked down by cats. The lamp can be dimmable and be the light source should I want to do some yin yoga at night to prepare for rest. I saw this gorgeous lamp over at this site called that sells a lot of things for your home and office space, whatever style you want.

The wall sonce actually looks nice on walls, as added lighting to the ceiling lights, I may have this warmer, so it looks prettier during night.

I thought this would look pretty too on the makeup area, as added lighting on the ceiling. Again, the simple and clean lines go well with the theme. Pendant light from

Since makeup needs to be in such a controlled environment, I would prefer them stored in drawers and cabinets, again, in white, gray, or neutrals to facilitate easier cleanup. I actually have so much makeup and tools that I would ever need, so I need a lot of cleverly-crafted and gorgeous storage areas where I can label where things are.

desks from

Black (such a pro color) and so much storage to fit books and so much more tools and it looks pro enough as well. That long desk can actually be the vanity area. All I need is my director's chair and a smaller chair for hairstyling.

With makeup work done, or during downtime, I can probably devote my sacred space to my fitness passion. Remember that I specifically didn't want carpets or other fuzzy things? that's because I want ample space to spread my yoga mat and do some yoga. I also wanted clean lines in its interior and decor since I don't want to be distracted with a lot of things.

Something like this when the makeup and chairs are tucked away and the lights are dimmed, and probably close the curtains if I want to wind down, or open the curtains to let the sun shine in if I want to reenergize, pretty simple, really.

Of course my personal space has to be a welcome to friends dear to me so I probably can have a few chairs for them to sit down to chat and all, or maybe have some throw pillows and a low table around so we could sit Japanese-style to entertain friends, just like in cat cafes. Speaking of cat cafes, of course, I would want my personal space to be welcoming to my favorite furry creatures - kitties!

I may want to have a cat tower here and maybe a litterbox cleverly tucked away in a little table or storage drawer. Also, with the cats being welcome in my sacred space, I would have to consider as well the furniture (no to leather sofas) as well as no carpets or rugs that may be harder to clean with kitty fur. Of course, I wouldn't forget an ample supply of lint removers to remove kitty hair in clothes, shoes, or bags.

I don't know if this may happen, but if it does, I would probably want a space that's welcoming to things that inspire me, making it a place conducive for learning and inspiration. I was chatting with my friend a while ago, and one advice he gave me was just fill my life with positivity, and positivity can come from the space you have. I want to create a space to be filled with things I like, colors (or absence of colors) that I want, and of course, I would want it to be low-maintenance because I would want to just enjoy the whole thing without worrying about things toppling over or hassle cleanups, and such.

Are you like me who likes simple lines, neutrals, and a place welcoming for cats for their sacred space? Or are you all into girly sugar, spice, and everything nice kind of style? I'm not really good in drawing so I just drew inspiration from photos I found online but if you are good in drawing and have an idea how it looks like, post it in Instagram and tag me and I would like to see your idea. Or you can also post your own mood board or drawing board and let's share your ideas too! Even if we don't have the blank canvas to create our space yet, It's nice to think and dream things like these because who knows, it may just happen. If this may not be the style you want when that time comes it's okay! That's why it's a dream board!

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