Thursday, January 8, 2015

My Raket Season Haul!

December to January peaks for most of us MUAs. We may have our pre-scheduled bookings already, but there are also times when I would often get a call for a client in a few hours. Like, "Hi! would you be available to do makeup tonight?" So yeah, I kinda like need to be ready.

So yeah. this month and the next few months to follow would give me the right excuse to shop for -ermmm -- office supplies.

My recent discovery are Red Cherry Lashes, which I see in Instagram being used by celebrity makeup artists. Top wedding makeup artists also hoard them so I was like, so what's with this Red Cherry lashes? So I purchased like two of their bestsellers through their distributor, Digital Traincase and thought I'd give them a try.

I noticed too that the base is very soft, and this can be an advantage because it would easily "mold" with the eye contour. I used Red Cherry Lashes in 747 with my January bride, Noelle.

Her comment was that it felt very light and also it stayed quite long. Red Cherry Lashes are more expensive than your regular falsies (Php 160 a pair). I can use this for brides or debutantes. I can also use this for clients who find regular falsies too heavy.

I also tried DW on my friend, Tin for her party. Tin has the typical Asian eye, the ones without the crease. DW opens up the eyes without much of the added weight as compared with other lashes. and gave her a smokier look without covering up her eye makeup.

Aside from face base, my makeup obsession is brows. Brows because it's the most challenging and I always like challenging myself in perfecting it. I'm always searching for new brow products that do not turn gray, red, green, or age but give the ideal brow look I want to have - full but not bushy and unkempt, well-groomed but not pencil-thin, and lighter than head hair color but still complimenting it, giving the overall appearance just the perfect frame - either making it soft and youthful or strong without being too harsh. I found two eye pencils by Prestige cosmetics in Beauty Bar which cost only like Php 350.00

I have both dark and light shades, which I can use depending on the client's color. It's not super waxy (I still need to set this with powder just in case things happen) and it stayed long on my hand when I swatched it. Plus awesome shades, since they're not super red or harsh.

I also got this brow mascara from K-palette, in case I get brides with really light hair.

My new brow best friend : brow stencils. perfect for those with very sparse brows or even drag makeup.

New affordable brushes from Beauty Cosmetics, because we can never have too many makeup brushes.

nothing here is over 300 pesos. Never underestimate the power of a spoolie in drag makeup. And the round puffy brush can be used for highlighting.

So here are my purchases for raket season, just in case better having them rather than going to the mall at this time. :) Best be prepared.

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