Saturday, January 31, 2015

#GlamJan with Marilyn

Back in makeup school, part of learning how to artfully apply makeup the pro way, one of my most favorite topics is actually history of makeup. We studied the makeup styles and trends from different decades as well as getting to know the beauty icons of each era. It was the nerd in me, I guess, having fun every day travelling back in time and trying to recreate the look that was hot then. Some of these looks have had its modern-world adaptations (at this point, I remember every single Great Gatsby, Godfather, or Chicago - pegged HMU that I ever did). Although not as harsh as pencil-thin brows and droopy smokey eyes. they have that still-wearable for today's age look while still keeping tabs with its historical origins.

One of the most popular looks that has transcended time is the "flawless skin, dramatically lined eyes, and red lips" look. It may have taken a backseat during the 90s when it's all about Kate Moss and her minimalism or Jennifer Aniston as Rachel complete with layered 'do and Y-necklace but it has always been spotted in magazines or red-carpet events, weddings, or just everyday in the mall. It's classic, elegant, and not to mention takes less effort than usual. And one of the loveliest iconic ladies that have sported this look is Marilyn Monroe.

In the late 1940s, a young brunette woman named Norma Jeane entered the Blonde Room in Mr. Max Factor Junior's Hollywood makeup studio. She emerged later the red-lipped and creamy-skinned platinum blonde Marilyn Monroe we know today. Marilyn is his most iconic client and right now, she's its Global Glamour Ambassador.

Her look is actually very effortless and clean, and the go-to for any woman, as it doesn't take much effort to do. Simply conceal blemishes and set skin with Max Factor Creme Puff Pressed Powder (also mattifies oilies), Groom and define brows, sweep some blush, Frame eyes with mascara and eyeliner, and literally let the lips do the talking - by taking the center stage with red lipstick. Now not to worry about wearing red. There is a red for every skin color and girl. Check out Ruby Tuesday, for example, a go-to red of Max Factor Global Creative Design Director, Pat McGrath.

Another trivia about Ruby Tuesday, this shade is inspired by Marilyn's most favorite red lipsticks. To give attention to hands, try red polish as well to match the lips. Another bonus about red polish is that it makes the hands look whiter, cleaner, and well-kept,

This clean with oomph may be taken from office setting to dinner table. There are versions as well for each girl, One may prefer thicker eyeliner or skip it altogether. Maybe smoke up the eyes during nighttime. We don't have to wear curls either. Even Thalia in her book Belleza had her modern-day version of it.

And even though there is the classic formula and peg for this, we are all free to create our very own interpretations, adapting to our own facial features. So even if this is the last day for #glamjan, we can still post our classic Marilyn-inspired selfies. :) Because of course, she is a legend that lives on.

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