Thursday, January 16, 2014

My Amazing Blow Dry Secret - Awesome Pink Potions to Save my Blow-Drying Skill's Neck

My hair literally has a world of its own and I have a love-hate relationship with it. I love it being long and thick and easy-to-style. I hate it for on days when I don't style it, it doesn't fall well like it's supposed to. Blow-drying seems to be the only key for it to look like it was naturally gorgeous and I kinda time some events where I need to look good when I'm gonna have my quarterly trims or if I have to go on trips to the salon where I can have my hair professionally blow-dried. I'm thankful for blow-dry bars and services where I can have my hair styled but if I have a client meeting or lunch with my friends, it's kinda too much if I go to a blow dry bar just to look pro enough so the solution is to gel and perpetually tie my hair. I do have a blow-dryer at home and there are times when I can go DIY but it still doesn't give the naturally flawless results a pro blowdry can give. Also, since my hair is long and thick, it takes forever to dry my hair perfectly. Some of the hairstylists I talk to actually said that even though they know how to fix and style hair, it's still hard to blow-dry your own hair.

I was introduced to a new and awesome product called My Amazing Blow Dry, which makes blow-drying a breeze without the need for pro-quality ionic blow dryers that cost a lot or the skills of a professional hairdresser. It's a safe, nice-smelling sulfate, phosphate, and pareben-free product that can be used by the lady who needs to look presentable all the time but does not have the time.

My Amazing Blow Dry has three products - shampoo, conditioner, and Quick Shake'N' Spray that work perfectly with each other in giving that perfect coif half the time. Of course they work tremendously well together but if you're saving money like I did, the Quick Shake 'N' Spray is the product you can purchase, which does not interfere or clash with your favorite shampoo and conditioner.

The Quick Shake 'N' Spray is a multi-purpose styler that's great for all hair types. If you noticed in the photo, it has like two formulas in the bottle, a clear layer, and a pinkish layer at the bottom. The clear layer on top speeds up blow-drying time by 50%. The pink layer at the bottom contains conditioners, moisturizers, heat, and sun protectors (as you all know, heat styling can damage the hair) to nourish the hair. All you have to do to use it is to shake the bottle very well to blend the ingredients together (it will turn a light cotton candy pink shade) and then spritz on to towel-dried hair before blow-drying. You can style your hair as desired and finish off with a final spritz for added shine. Unlike hair sprays, the results leave the hair soft and silky instead of crunchy, like traditional alcohol-based hair sprays. The Quick Shake 'N' Spray also can be used to refresh hair at the middle of the day to remove the smell of hair pollutants. Instead of odors reminiscent of a chem lab, this one has a fruity candy-like scent.  Hairstylists can have this in their kits should the client be sensitive to alcohol-based traditional hair products or would like to speed blow-drying time. Again, if you're the one who really prefers your usual favorite shampoo and conditioner, just get the Quick Shake 'N' Spray for your own DIY blow-drying at home.

My Amazing Blow Dry Secret is available at all Strip Manila stores and Tokyo Posh outlets. A 200-mL bottle costs Php 1250. If you want to get a set of three, (Shampoo, Conditioner, & Quick Shake 'N' Spray), the cost is Php 2998.

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