Monday, September 30, 2013

New From Elizabeth Arden: Green Tea Honeysuckle

In the scent department, I have my own personal moods. When I was in high school, I had a fruity phase oftentimes using raspberry, cucumber, and juniper scents in my schoolbag kikay kit. Then, vanilla became my signature scent in college since it reminded me so much of comfort food like ice cream, marshmallows, apple pie a la mode, and pastries (and it was such a mood lifter as college was one of my darkest days). Sometimes, musk and spicier scents were my thing and I had a phase where I used men's cologne or baby cologne. Our preference in scents can depend on like the weather, our personal mood, the occasion, or even the crowd you're in, so if you ask me what my signature scent is, it would really depend on that day or my own mood. Sometimes, I don't wear any scent at all.

Anyway, I guess that in the years of me collecting scents, I did have my own favorites. A constant favorite of mine could be uplifting and light scents, which I use when I work or have anything that requires me getting up earlier than usual. Maybe it could be our weather being so hot and humid or my own body heat which, due to my now active lifestyle, tends to power up my scent of the day. Particularly, I have always liked the fresh, light, and elegant scent of Elizabeth Arden Green Tea. A college classmate of mine commented that the classic scent had that "amoy babaeng maganda" smell, like he would associate it with a pretty girl. I would always put the classic Green Tea scent in the "amoy malinis" scent since it smells so clean without being overpowering, especially in the day's commute. To suit the season and the wearer's personal tastes, Green Tea released variants such as Camelia, Lavander, and Cherry Blossom. If you look at counters now, there is a new addition to the Green Tea Family, which is Green Tea Honeysuckle.

I would just like to thank the lovelies of Elizabeth Arden for this gift, which I really got excited about. When I opened it at home, I got so excited that I tried it right away, even though that I was about to take a shower anyway. The scent still had the clean, refreshing scent Green Tea fragrances have but when you wear this a bit longer, that's when you see a difference from your other Green Tea fragrances.
Green Tea Honeysuckle starts out first as fruity-citrusy, due to the top notes of sparkling lemon, tangerine, boysenberry blossom, and green tea vapors. As you go about wearing this scent, it starts to mellow down to floral scents of wild Honeysuckle, ylang ylang (this scent I was able to target right away, since it reminded me of those green flowers dangling in sampaguita wreaths), jasmine, tunisian neroli, and green tea leaves. Some of my friends were reminded more of flowers and tea in a Chinese restaurant. The scent is more floral than fruity and sweet, but still youthful instead of lumo-lola floral. As the scent wears on, the base notes of soft musk, sweet summer peach, nectar accord, ambrette seed and white birch starts to come out. It gets to be woodier and spicier. That's why as compared to the original Green Tea or if you have the Lavander and Cherry Blossom kind, this one's more woodier and warmer as compared to the other three, which are lighter and fruitier. 

I think this Green Tea variant would appeal more to ladies in their late 20's and above, since this is more floral and woody  as compared to fruity-fresh and yummy sweet scents that younger audience would prefer. Yes, I did mention that it starts out fruity at first, but as time wears on, it fades to the middle and bottom notes, which are more floral and woody. It's light enough to be worn for work or a job interview, and won't overpower your workmates. I would wear this to work and pole too. It's got an alluring mystery to be worn in a date night and another thing I like about it is how it wears off by the end of the day and doesn't linger  even after you take a shower and go to bed or even the next day. Plus points too on being a youthful floral scent, too, as there can be some floral scents which can be ageing. Currently, my Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Honeysuckle stands with her sisters in my perfume stand, and I grab this on weekdays out or at work when I'm wearing a closely-tailored dress in a neutral color and a pair of nude pumps, like when I'm giving a makeup demo or doing a hotel wedding.

For those interested, The Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Honeysuckle EDT Sprays cost Php 2,950 for the 100 mL bottle and Php 2,250 for the 50 mL bottle. 

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