Thursday, April 4, 2013

Please Help Save The Manila Polo Club Cats!

To those who read my blog, I want to ask for your help here and appealing to everyone. After I got home from work yesterday, I received notifications in my Facebook account about this horrific news and I would like to ask everyone's help to save the lives of these innocent cats that have been living in the grounds of Manila Polo Club for years.

You see, cats keep grounds rodent- and roach-free making it a safer ground for the horses and stables. These cats have also been spayed and neutered thanks to CARA Welfare Philippines, hence keeping the cat population under control. These kitties are going to be caught and surrendered to the Makati City Veterinary Services Office and be adopted out. The remaining cats that would not be adopted would be euthanized (me faints at humanity's cruelty).

It just pains me that there are  people  who wouldn't even consider researching on less cruel ways on solving problems or complying with rules and regulations. So really, you would rather spend on euthanizing animals and then later on harmful pesticides, rat poisons, and other chemicals to keep the rat and roaches off the stables of the horses? How about vaccinating the cats with anti-rabies vaccine? Or sponsoring spay and neuter programs? Removing the cats from their home would introduce more un-spayed and un-neutered cats in the area and we'd all have to start from square one.

That's why I wrote this post to appeal to my readers, especially those who love and care for animals. Let us be their voice and save them from this horrible fate. We can help by signing this petition. It would only take a minute. Please click on this link, sign, and help save these cats. Cats are really sweet and helpful animals that deserve as much love as we give to our own pets. Let's all team up and help save these kitties!

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