Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bouncy Hair with Pantene Nature Care

oh yeah, it rhymes. woord! 

I love my hair and its unruliness. Back then, I used to like wrestle with a blowdryer and an iron to weigh my hair to flat straightness when it's effortless to everyone. Ten years later, I've accepted that it's what it is - long, thick, and wavy and effortlessly that way. I love how it easily curls and I don't need to comb it to get that out-of-bed look. Since I love my hair so much, I take good care of it, the low-maintenance way, that is to keep it clean all the time.

I thank Pantene for sending me over some goodies over the weekend from their latest line, Nature Care, which I'm really excited to try (as soon as I finish the big bottle of Pantene that I bought, the one that has a pump dispenser. See? Told you I love the brand). Thank you Pantene, and my brushes thank you too! Just like our skin, there are different types of shampoos created  for different people, since we all have different hair types and needs. For example, if hair is fine and limp and needs a bit of oomph, bring it back to life with Fullness and Life

"Fullness and life is designed for the Filipina who can't get enough of beautiful hair with volume. Even with volume, she still wants hair that is manageable or no 'buhaghag' ."

Big, beautiful hair, how can we go wrong? I love my big hair. I think it looks great when I do headflips and it's a staple in magazine covers and Victoria's Secret runway shows.  This big hair means big hair with awesomeness, and not hair all over the place that looks matted and dry making me reminiscent of the crazy cat lady in The Simpsons (I know, I am a crazy cat lady but my hair doesn't have to say it). Pantene Nature Care Fullness and Life Shampoo cleanses hair while giving it some nourisihing complex. Just like the name "Nature Care", it takes inspiration from mother nature with elements like avocado oil, grapeseed extract, and bamboo. To prevent frizz, especially for curly girls like me,  the conditioner will make it look prettier and more manageable.

For those who want a little tamer side of life, Smoothness and Life will make hair smooth and sleek without looking dry, flat, and dull, as that sometimes happens when I fry my hair too much. It's the hair ad look without looking flat and dull as it nourishes the hair with Cassia complex, aloe vera, calendula, and ginger. Sleek hair doesn't have to look weighed down and heavy.

What's great too about Pantene Nature Care is that they smell really nice and fresh, with that clean scent that lingers in the bathroom post-shower. I like clean scents and even my brushes smell nice and fresh when they're finished cleaning. I actually like Smoothness and Life with my brushes and will probably use that too with them and also my hair. Fullness and Life, if I want those big bombastic headflips or bounce and then drop to superman drop.

SRP for Pantene Nature Care shampoo and conditioner is Php 120 for the 170 mL shampoo and it's also Php 120 for the 165 mL conditioner. For once-a-week deep conditioning, the tub is awesome during rest days when there's no shoot going on or after doing a few laps in the pool.

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