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Reviewing Benefit Cosmetics' the POREfessional

Primers may be an extra step to makeup application, but promise, they help a lot. Just like the primer in the world of painting walls, in painting faces, face primers do the same thing - they prepare the surface for makeup application, evening and smoothing out the surface so makeup glides and sits on so much better.

A primer I was introduced to is Benefit Cosmetics' the POREfessional, a PRO balm designed to help minimize the appearance of pores. It's oil-free and it's said to not only minimize the appearance of pores but also fine lines.  I understand that there are quite a lot who want to have the airbrushed, satiny smooth skin look and this may help, and I did a test run of it. I received a sample pack from our Stellar 2 goodie bags (yaye!) and I gave it a try one hot June afternoon pole class (yes, I do love subjecting things to high temperature, high stress, and high endorphin levels of life). As I don't have a photo of the actual product, I saw some pictures in the Internet and this is how it looks like, full size.

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When I first posted about Benefit Cosmetics, I raved about how cutesy and non-intimidating their packages were, no matter how hardcore the purpose may be. This one does not disappoint. Take me to San Francisco candy stores!

The POREfessional is supposed to be applied on clean skin after moisturizer sinks in. Apply this product outward from the center of the face. Focus more on problem areas such as the T-zone, forehead, or anywhere shine usually sits too much. Let sink in before applying makeup so it sits on better.

So that's first a clean face devoid of makeup.

I applied the primer as the package says. The primer on its own is a bit tinted and I was glad that it didn't interfere with my skin color. It felt velvety on the hands and also on the face. There was an improvement on the feel of the texture of the skin. I also noticed some areas have been mattified. I have this humongous problem in life where my T-zone naturally shines even without the presence of oil. So anyway, on to my makeup.

Fresh look, since it was daytime.

I took the makeup to the ultimate road test - that is, to pole during lunch class. Travelling in Metro Manila during lunch hour, the sun blares like it's mad at the world and wants to burn it to the ground. Doing pole on lunch class with all the intensity will put it to makeup meltdown test.

But wait... what makeup meltdown?

My makeup practically was almost baseline state as I got home. The makeup I used here is a full face of makeup - liquid foundation, powder foundation, contour, blush, eye makeup, lipstick... the works. My face doesn't feel sticky and heavy and at most, a bit of tissue blotting away the dirt and powder was all it needed to freshen up.

With flash. I love how the usual shine is minimized here.

There is a bit of product that somehow got tissued off along with the dirt, but hey, I still look normal and not like a raccoon dipped in a vat of oil.

Is the POREfessional something I recommend? Definitely and most especially if you have the budget for it. This can be used if you're:

  • a bride (if your wedding is outdoor) who wants to look fresh on her wedding, whether the makeup is traditional or airbrush.
  • a performer (actor, dancer, singer) and your face would be cooked in stage lights. This was the primer used at our Stellar 2 show. We looked fresh up until curtain call.
  • a model in a photoshoot
  • a girl having a long day/event ahead and you want minimal retouching on your fabulous makeup.

A primer is something I'd recommend if you would be needing to wear full makeup the whole day and if you want makeup to last longer. If you do, however, wear makeup the whole day everyday, then you may use this too. Always do a patch test in purchasing products, especially for the first time to see how it reacts to your skin.If you want to save products you can just tap and target this on problem areas just to even things out.

Benefit Cosmetics is located at the ground floor of Greenbelt 5 mall and also at Rustan's Shangri-La Mall.  

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