Friday, June 22, 2012

Bambi Got Fritzified

When my good friend (and fellow blogger) Fritz decided to pursue his dream as a photographer, I was in full out support. I've followed his blogs and seen his photos and noticed that he has an eye for color, light, and most especially, art. That's why when he took his natural talent to the next level, I really got excited for him. When he asked me to be his model in one of his practice shoots, it was a big yes!!!! Actually to be honest, I was raising my hand and volunteering already before he even asked. Heehee.

Fritz is not the usual blindly point-and-shoot photographer or just an average Joe with a camera and then clicks away 100 shots per minute and goes, "Pwede na yan!" or relies solely on photo-editing. He studies a concept, tries to see how we could execute it and make it our own, and sits down and talks to you as to how he exactly wants it done and lists them on paper or Powerpoint presentation.

Oh and speaking of crew, it was a team of two in our shoot here, no big crowds or huge teams. We brought our own outfits (No pullouts, take note) in our own suitcases. I did my own hair and makeup, and he did the styling, art direction, photography, and arranged his own lights. But I have to say, we did rock the shoot as I share three of some of our favorite shots.

And speaking of rock, here's a very biker chick inspired rockerish peg where I pulled my hair back in a tight ponytail. It was like I raided Fritz's closet here practically as he lent me his pants, shoes (love those Aldo boots mehn, they're like air), shades, and bag for this shot. As for the bra, that's obviously mine, A 200-peso black bra I sewed beads to.

The pants were a tad tight. Either Fritz is really skinny or I have been doing too many squats and lunges. I was about to freak out and say to the world, "DOESTHISMEANIMFAT????" But they did fit me well. Note: Must look at the men's department for awesome jeans. And the abs, I'm proud to say are real as a result of intense pole dance training and not eating junk for the weekend.

Prior to this shoot, I watched the James Bond movie with Grace Jones in it and I was so blown away by the bad Bond girl peg of the one-piece body suit peg. The high-cut of Grace Jones was a bit too much though, so I turned my 80-ish French cut bodysuit into something more conservative with boylegs. Lie down on them speakers and emote and PAK! From Bond villain, here's my love for music and dance.

That cuff was bought on sale and Fritz chose the cuff for me. Love how he understands and knows what things go well together and he made sure that no lock was straying and each crease was smoothed.

Bling it is as I pull my hair back again and let the accessories and bodysuit take place. My epic wedding headpiece goes with a bejeweled bodysuit in this fab headshot. The designer behind the outfit is my good friend Dennis Celestial. I love how the red pops out. It's currently my Facebook profile photo and I'm getting lotsa likes.

photo credits:
photography, styling, lights, and art direction: Fritz Tentativa
makeup, hair, and model: ME!
location: Bulb Studios

Fritz and I had so much fun in this shoot. Take note that I haven't been in front of the camera for quite some time like this but I loved how looking at the pictures, it looks like I had no rest era. Fritz made me feel very much comfortable and brought out all the best angles and assets. Afterwards, he gave me a bit of coaching as to how to improve next time with regards to modelling and what strengths to consider.

Thanks Fritz for a fabulous afternoon and looking forward for more shoots and shenanigans.

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