Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Serendra Cats

Apart from beauty and fitness and craziness and the (occasional) bitchiness, I thought of inserting another avenue which makes me happy - KITTIES! I am a true cat lady minus the extreme crazy and aside from my three baby kitties, I would sometimes be featuring other kitty friends and kitty communities. This is a cat lady's blog, you know!

I befriend a lot of furry critters, from the cats at our condo's parking lot (which volunteer residents have already had spayed and neutered) and cat communities wherever I go. I'm just glad that in this world, there are a handful of people who still care for animals (vegan or not) and for the animals who have made certain establishments their home, they have been made welcome. Some of the communities even had the cats neutered and spayed. Neutering and spaying is a great way to control the cat population. Cats who are already spayed and neutered grow to be healthier and live longer lives.  The cats are natural pest control, keeping roaches and mice away. Also, they're really cute.

I saw these happy bunch on the way to buy vegetables and fruits at Market! Market! These are the Serendra cats and they have made their nest at the area of Wee Nam Kee, Phat Pho, 8 Cuts, and Abe. The clowder has one ginger tabby cat, a calico, and a gray and ginger tortie (?) and recently, another tricolor and ginger cat has joined the team.

They really are gigantic and healthy cats, and I've heard from the security personnel that a Serendra resident feeds these babies. I sometimes visit them after yoga class or before buying veggies and spend a few minutes of playtime as well as feed them treats from my kibble jar. They appear early morning, before the restaurants open and go hide when the people start trickling in and the weather gets too hot. They do sometimes make an appearance during the peak and hot hours when I stop by for lunch. They're more seen at night though, which probably is one of their feeding times.

The calico cat isn't the cuddly type. She likes to maintain her distance though. If you have food, she would eat. Just give her the personal space she needs. She does look good in photos.

The ginger likes people too but maintains a certain distance. She did allow me a few pats but no cuddles. She does stay a very comfortable distance. I met one of the ladies who feed them and she mentioned two of the cat's names are Ginger and Divine. I presume this is Ginger.

This gray and orange kitty is the friendliest. I don't know if she's Divine, but sometimes I call her that. She does her twirls and plops and even allowed me to carry her for several selfies.

She's adorable and playful and likes being petted.

If you happen to be a cat lover and you pass by this area and see these cats, say hello and give them some food. They are very sweet and gorgeous.

I give props to the Serendra community for giving these cats a nice home and the kind people who make sure these cats are spayed and healthy. These cats are just your ordinary street cats that you see in the street but with proper care and affection, can blossom to these gorgeous felines.

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