Wednesday, July 17, 2013

These Shoes Are Made For Dancing

It was meant to be when I purchased my birthday-gift-to-self a few weeks ago. My very first Pleaser heels.

I first heard of Pleaser from my pole teachers when I asked where they got their really pretty pole heels. They replied, they ordered online from Pleaser. I'm glad that now that the Polecats Manila studio has a pretty shelf that carries Pleaser shoes for sale. The shoes really look so pretty but alas, since I wear big sizes (around 9 or 10, depending on the style for heels), I couldn't own one yet. So for a time, I was feeling like Cinderella's stepsister as she tried on the glass slipper, except that instead of  transparent glass pumps of considerable height, they were patent heels and boots that were at least 5-6 inches in height.

Don't get me wrong though, Pleaser shoes are really made for dancing and despite their height, they are very stable and comfortable unlike other stilettos that can break after the third wear. This one can withstand climbs, inverts, spins, and a few pole transitions and handsprings and if taken good care of, can last us quite a long time in our pole career.

I admit that dancing in heels is a challenge. Yet since I'm a pole dancer, pain for me is nothing foreign. Besides, heels add a bit of oomph to your walk and repertoire and once you get the hang of it, it can give you the illusion of mile-long legs and upgrade your lines to yowza! Just look at the very sexy and flexy pole dance star, Felix Cane who is almost always seen wearing her sky-high heels in her performances.

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She does all her inverts and spins in those heels effortlessly like she was born to wear and perform in them.

When I make a big purchase, I almost always have this thing that if it's meant for me, it's just going to call to me. When size 9's finally became available in the studio, I found a pair of patent leather 6" heels calling to me. A few months later it went on sale at 30% off. I told myself that if it's still there on a very special occasion that called for me to buy something for myself, It's meant for me. My birthday came and it was there. For the summer program, attending pole dance in heels classes last summer, getting stronger, and performing in stellar, it was a post-stellar birthday treat to self that I know I'm going to use not only in my performances but in events. Oh, and this investment is another drive for me to prolong my life in pole too. If I get to master training in heels, I probably might be using heels in my next competition.

So you may ask, how are those shoes? For a girl who's always in flats, flip flops, flat boots, and her trusty lilac sneaks (the only sneakers I ever own) and only wear heels only 2 hours in a special occasion, I have to agree with my teachers that they are indeed very comfortable. They add this nice shape to the calves a swing to my walk, and it gives me more height than usual. Always remember to point toes even in heels.

If anyone asks me, I'm 6'1".

If you love heels and want height, stability, and comfort, get the sky-high heels made for dancing. Also, Pleaser shoes come in many different styles. Feel free to browse through the Pleaser USA site, check out their Facebook page (browse and see that you don't need to be a pole champion to own your Pleasers. Helen Mirren owns a pair too!), or visit the Polecats Manila studio to check out a perfect pair for you.

Polecats Manila Studio is located at Strata 100 Bldg, F. Ortigas Jr., Ortigas Center, Pasig

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