Saturday, February 8, 2014

Ivory and White 2014 Shoot

I'm sharing with this post the photos and behind-the-scenes for the shoot last month I did with Ivory and White Bridal Store. For those who haven't heard it yet, Ivory and White is a bridal boutique based in Quezon City that sells ready-to-wear bridal gowns at a fraction of the cost of what usual designer gowns cost. Now couples have that extra money to spare for the honeymoon, a new TV set or oven, or whatever they want to buy in order to start their new life together.

Our model for the shoot is DJ/stage actress Carla Dunareanu (coincidentally, I was listening to her radio show on the way to QC for our shoot). You guys might have last seen her in the stage play Grease where she portrayed one of the Pink Ladies. I saw her first in The Kitchen Musical,a TV series in AXN, which I regularly followed.

I upgraded my candy pink palette that I had back in 2011 for something that's more neutral, like the bride is naturally glowy and rosy. Loose and big curls for effortless beauty. Veil optional for breezy garden weddings.

This look is more classic bride, like she can look back in her photos when she's 80 and go like, "Wow! I must be a hottie when I was younger!" I see a lot of smokey eyes in brides lately in weddings being posted in Facebook. For brides who want emphasis but still want the classic look overall. In other words, brides who go, "I want to look natural but I really want my eyes to pop out."

I recommend this look too for weddings at night or with receptions done in hotels, where there's mood lighting and light makeup can look washed out.

Oh, I also did hair in this shoot. Here's a close look on the updo I did. It's a classic low bun with loopy hair.

For the third and last look, we included a rose accessory which inspired me to change up the look altogether.

Pop of color for bridal? Why not? Red lips made a lot of difference. I made the features warmer by additional contouring and added a bit of eyeliner to tie the eyes with the lips so the eyes don't look that lost . The red by the way, is Collection Cosmetics Queen of Hearts. For those who have it, you guys agree with me on the staying power, right?

Carla's three looks. Each one is very different from the other. Awesome how makeup can change things.

It seems like we were whisked off at a faraway place for this shoot. We shot at Studio Namu in Quezon City, and this studio is quite popular for prenup sessions where the couple would want a lot of layouts without travelling away from the city. They've got a lot of layouts to play along in one big studio too.

Thank you everyone! It was such an awesome day and the first shoot of the year.

Official Photo Credits:Photographer: Niel Ong
Model: Carla Dunareanu
Clothes: Ivory and White Bridal
Makeup and Hair: Me!
Location: Studio Namu

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