Tuesday, November 27, 2012

E-Session: Kris + Niki

Kris is one of my pole dance teachers. I still remember the day she announced that she was engaged. It happened during I think the first of April. I kinda sensed things because the Polecats were sending hearts and kilig expressions in her Facebook wall, but no final announcement yet. It was then that I confirmed my hunch when she changed her relationship status and posted a video of how Niki proposed to her. It was absolutely a cute and romantic video that had friends and family involved.  From that day on, Kris, despite the stress of wedding preparations, classes, Polecats gigs, and organizing plus performing at the Polecats third anniversary show was a picture of happiness and love. You could tell how excited she is. Being her student and her friend, I can't help but be happy for her.

I felt really flattered that I got to do Kris and Niki's prenup photoshoot. I've done Kris's makeup countless times already as she performs in many of their gigs and also our shoots. This time, the loud colors, glitter, and  heavy lip colors are replaced by neutral palettes enhancing her natural beauty and super-happy glow.

Usually, prenup photoshoots have a certain theme or concept or done at a remote place that requires the crew to go out of town. Kris and Niki decided to have their prenup right smack at Metro Manila with a very cute concept - it would be showcasing their future life together as a married couple.

What a pretty way to wake up in the morning!

I love that they are such a very laid back couple. Everyone was so relaxed in this shoot and enjoying every minute of it.

Dinner out. At this point, I pegged an Angelina Jolie look for Kris. I was inspired by her dress.

The shoot was awesome, pretty, and fast. Kris and Niki took care of us and fed us and I probably stuffed myself with five servings of pasta that day.

Niki and Kris got their friends Gino and Marco to help with the set up. They did such an amazing job! And yep, that's me hiding my makeup-less face with glasses and a default Hello Kitty shirt. :) 

Congratulations Kris and Niki! Thank you so much for trusting me to do your makeup!

Image Credits:
Photos: Bokehbug Wedding and Lifestyle Photography
Set Design: Gino Nacianceno and Marco Ortiga

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