Saturday, January 30, 2016

Eating Clean With Blogilates

In my quest for eating clean (meaning no preservatives or a lot of chemicals and processing that our body doesn't need), I try to search for new recipes that are not just yummy but easy to make. My friend Romina told me about Blogilates, a blog by Cassey Ho,  a fitness instructor/blogger/sports apparel designer. So I googled her recipes and workouts, as well as did a search on her blog.

Cassey has a huge international fan base and I can see why. She's very entertaining and her energy is contagious. She's very encouraging in her exercise videos and she doesn't intimidate but inspire. Also, she's as real as you and me.

If you look at her body, she's not super ripped or tall and super skinny like a supermodel. She has that definition we all desire, and we know that her body is super strong (her workouts are super challenging and imagine doing that and still talking) and healthy as well as it's real and achievable. Is she wearing makeup in her videos? Of course she is!

 Also, even though she's into fitness, she doesn't deprive herself of good and yummy food (not all carbs are bad!), and these recipes, she shares with us.

What got me a whole hour of just watching is her Cheap Clean Eats playlist in YouTube, where she features recipes on clean eating that are super easy to make and also are pocket-friendly, which is perfect for those on the go but would still like to eat healthy. I admit, ordering food in healthy restaurants can be very expensive to the point that some people actually result to going to fast food joints which are cheaper. In an ideal world, we would be eating super healthy, real, clean food made with organic ingredients but of course, this is not the ideal world. So, we make the most out of it by eating clean on a budget.

I super want to try this shake she made!

 I begun to like smoothies more when she shares her smoothie recipes, giving me ideas on what smoothie to take where. I can take smoothies before workout - 30 minutes to an hour before, and a smoothie that can reset my system.

My baking craving is finally satisfied by the existence of these healthy mug cakes. Yes! We say yes to cake! Healthy, flourless, and refined sugar-free cake exists and they are good enough for breakfast.

I was so happy to find pumpkin in the grocery store so I made this pumpkin mug cake substituting the graham cracker topping with greek yogurt and pecans. Apple slices and peanut butter of course, because it's a fall-theme breakfast or dessert.

There are also vegan options, making eating vegan food fun. I'm not vegan (I love cheese and yogurt!) but I like trying vegan food.

Nice cream, which is dairy-free ice cream with bananas as a base. This one is matcha pistachio nice-cream and I tweaked the nutrition with a handful of moringa leaves.

Beauty bowls are basically smoothie bowls. The smoothie is made thicker than usual and topped with gorgeous toppings with a lot of health benefits.

I haven't eaten that much fruit in one meal. Oh, and red dragonfruit is yummy as it is rich in vitamin C. Mangoes taste awesome frozen.

In a week I've enjoyed so many fruit already in smoothies, bowls, and salad and had a lot of good probiotics in my system. I have not drunk coffee yet I do not feel lethargic. I'm currently having my seasonal sniffles yet thankfully it's faster to fight it from my system.

Her site gave me awesome ideas to eat cleaner and to get more goodness into my system in ways that are budget-friendly and do not sacrifice taste. Come to think of it, when was the last time I had chips or fries?

What's my absolute favorite? Spring rolls. I super love fresh spring rolls and the recipe is so good I've had it almost every day last week and I don't have a decent photo of my spring rolls. I always go to a Vietnamese restaurant for spring rolls and I actually can have my own with the ingredients I want any time I want. The spring rolls recipe doesn't have vermicelli noodles in them but they are just as good and flavorful. I've had vegan (using tofu). shrimp, crab, and okay, maybe when I make again, I ought to take more photos of it.

I'm glad that Cassey shares a lot of easy clean-eating recipes in her blog. I'll start following some of her workouts and give more recipes a try. If you guys got inspired to start eating healthier or would want more ideas on what to cook healthy without scrimping flavor, go check out her blog at or go check her Instagram and YouTube channel for more updates as well as download the Blogilates app.

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