Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Bridal Work: Paula

I find it amazing how cat lovers or animal lovers find a way to become friends, and here's a story.

Paula is my neighbor. How I met her is so funny. I was on my way out when I spotted her talking to my cat Candy by the window and another one of our building cats. As you all know, cat ladies have a constant click. We happened to belong to the same Facebook cat group. She sent me a Facebook message when we found each other's profiles.  I also met Paolo, who happened to be more of a cat person than I was.  My friend Romina met them in one of our cat rescues and she still remembers them and tells me, "They're a fun and nice couple. I like them a lot."

That was a couple of years ago. Sending food to each other like forreal Titas of Manila and exchanging cat stories and kitty playdates later, I was tasked to do a very important thing - to be the makeup artist on their wedding day, which I am just super stoked to do. I did Paula's makeup already as a bridesmaid in one of her friend's weddings as well as a YOLO moment photoshoot. Even if I practically memorized her face, I wanted of course her wedding to be the most perfect makeup she would ever have in her entire life.

For Paula's wedding look, she wanted to still look like her and not have a total operasyon-level makeover. You can still wear bright lipstick or have smokey cat eyes and contour but still look recognizable that you're you.

Paula has a full head of natural, gorgeous curls, which she embraces. She wanted her curls to show on her wedding day. No 5 hours of straightening then recurling here. We just humidity-proofed her hair. I think it was the quickest bridal hair my hairstylist ever did.

candy pink lips is MAC Pink Nouveau, a shade usually worn at the reception but we used it as a ceremony color. 

Adorable shoes + short wedding dress. 

The couple inserted their own individuality in their wedding, choosing food they really like and having a theme that fits them. They also inserted elements of them being cat people in their wedding.
Groom's gift to bride is an illustration of their life together - artwork done by Chichi Romero
wedding favors: Spanish fans. Note the kitties on the logo. I kept the cards. Hihihi. 
 Having a summer garden wedding, they chose a white-themed wedding where the guests wore summery whites to keep things cool and clean. I'm thankful for the discovery of airbrush makeup because they stayed on fresh up to the end of the festivities.

The three bridesmaids are the three sisters of the bride, each sister had makeup that fits their own style and personality, natural, smoky, rosy glow.

Family Photo
 Paula loves rom-coms and it fits that her prenup video would be rom-com themed. You guys can watch it here. The masterpiece was done by VOV Productions. Makeup and hair for the couple, both done by me.

The thing I loved about their wedding is that it expressed their individuality so much and it really shows who the couple is instead of following every single celebrity wedding or going through cookie cutter conventions. At the same time, the element of classiness is still there. All I felt was genuine happiness.  It was one occasion to be remembered by everyone.

Final touch-up before the ceremony. 

I've witnessed Paula during her preps up to the last part of their reception and she's super cool and calm about everything. As she wrote in her post-wedding status message, she emphasized one aspect: You can have a great wedding without being a bridezilla. I definitely would have to agree with that, and she's a perfect example to that part. It was so easy to do her makeup and her smile was all natural. She was talking to her friends, suppliers, eating the good food, and she had so much energy to really talk to everyone and make sure her suppliers are well taken care of. I would definitely recommend that as a number one advice to all brides.

The happy couple

Congratulations Paula and Paolo! It was one gorgeous and super cute wedding! Love, hugs, and lots of kitties.


Photographer: Shutterpanda
Video: VOV Productions
Makeup: Bambi de la Cruz Makeup Artistry
Groom's Makeup: Jinky Ureta
Hairstylist: Annaliza Alejo
Bridal Gown: Curitthy Couture 
Venue; The Henry Hotel Manila
Caterer: Apartment 1B

Photo credits:
official wedding photos by Shutterpanda
Bambi with the couple, fan, and bridesmaids by the author

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